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Sep 8, 2023

 | WIN Guard, WIN Innovation Platform

WIN Innovation Platform, one of Sweden’s foremost players in innovation, is happy to announce that Patrik Josefsson has joined our team as the project manager for WIN Guard, effective from September 1. 

Patrik Josefsson brings with him a rich background from the emergency services sector. Since 2018, Patrik has served as the Department Manager for ‘Coordination and Support’ at the Räddningstjänsten Väst in Varberg and Falkenberg. His experience also includes positions like Business Developer, Manager for Rescue Teams, and Team Lead for Special Operations. These roles reflect Patrik’s profound understanding of the challenges within the safety and emergency services sector.

Patrik has been involved in matters related to national development both within the WIN context and in the MSB’s Method and Technology Committee for several years, something he will continue to expand on in this forum.

With technological advancements and societal changes, we face new opportunities and risks. WIN Guard aims to connect challenges, people, and next-generation technologies to build a sustainable future. With Patrik’s expertise, we are poised to drive the necessary innovation to tackle these challenges!

Patrik will assume this role alongside his regular duties at the Räddningstjänsten Väst in Varberg and Falkenberg.

We also want to extend our warm thanks to Johan Persson who, after six years with WIN Guard, has chosen to move on to a role outside WIN. We’re grateful for Johan’s significant contribution to WIN and wish him success in his new position.

We sincerely welcome Patrik Josefsson to WIN Guard and look forward to a prosperous future together!

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