Dutch WIN Water partner NX Filtration hosting event in Helsingborg this June

Apr 11, 2023

 | WIN Water
Christian Beuzel NX Filtration

NX Filtration at RecoLab Helsingborg, June 8th


Recolab, the environmental and climate-smart infrastructure of the future, contains membrane technology that helps solving water problems such as micro pollutants and PFAS – now and in the future. Black and grey household water are recovered to valuable resources. Water is recovered to drinking water quality by direct nanofiltration of NX Filtration. High quality water is the crucial resource for life, society, agriculture, and industry.


During this event at RecoLab you will learn more about the project as a whole and we will focus on several applications of direct Nanofiltration to upgrade surface water and treated effluent to valuable process and drinking water.


Most welcome to join NX Filtration at this award-winning project in Helsingborg!

Read more and register HERE

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