Bio Cell Analytica

BioCell Analytica offer innovative effect-based methods to detect toxic chemicals in the environment

Both humans and the environment at large are exposed to an increasing number of chemicals, both naturally occurring compounds and synthetic chemicals. Some of these compounds are toxic and can have adverse effects on human health or the ecosystem.

BioCell Analytica are offering analytical methods based on cultured cells, to detect chemical contaminants in the environment, for example drinking water, wastewater, surface water, soil, sediment and foods. The analytical methods can, for example, be used to optimize new treatment technologies and thereby contribute to reduced emissions of hazardous chemicals.

Our methods measure the effects of both known and unknown toxic chemicals and show the combined effect, the so-called cocktail effect, which can occur when multiple chemicals act together.


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Johan Lundqvist
Tel: +46 (0) 70 420 05 60