Watersprint, based in Sweden, innovates, develops, manufactures and sells products for water purification. Watersprint has expertise in water, nanotechnology, IT and telecom.

UV-LEDs with nanotechnology and software control are custom designed by Watersprint for the disinfection of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. This technology is enabled by the blue LED which in 2014 received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The new technology enables entirely new and groundbreaking products for water treatment.

Together with an inbuilt wireless system, users such as communities, bathing facilities, hotel chains, restaurants, villages or even complete towns can purify their water and keeping control and maintenance in a highly efficient manner.

For remote locations with the need for drinking water a special product has been developed, the Micro Production Center for drinking water, powered by solar cells.

“Clean and safe drinking water accessible for everyone” – by Watersprint.

Contact person

Linda Kokkola
Tel: +46 76 3288039

Visiting address

Medicon Village
Scheeletorget 1,
223 81 Lund,