New Idea Box gather the needs and suggestions in innovation for the Swedish Rescue Services

Sep 15, 2022

 | WIN Guard
WIN Guard Team

On initiative from MSB, WIN Guard has created an Idea Box (Förslagslåda) to gather ideas in innovations for the Swedish Rescue Services and other actors in public safety. By filling out the form, anyone can contribute with suggestions of improvement, challenges, solutions, and innovative ideas.

WIN Guard oversees the organization of the Idea Box. We reply to every issue and bring it up in forums with MSB and other parties who might be able to offer input.

The Idea Box helps to create an overview and transparency of the challenges faced by the fire and rescue services. In the Idea Box, we gather needs, challenges, ideas, and possible solutions which then are reviewed and evaluated by the organizations behind this initiative; WIN Guard, National Development Center, MSB’s Real world testbed, and MSB. Perhaps we will be able to find something that completely turns the world upside down, but even smaller innovations, those that make today’s reality easier, should not be downplayed.

-Marcus Vilhelmsson, Department Manager, MSB

You will find the Idea Box HERE

For more information: Johan Persson, Manager WIN Guard,

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