MSB provides WIN Guard with additional resources for three more years

Nov 1, 2018

 | WIN Guard

MSB provides WIN Guard with additional resources to better run the innovation mechanism for public safety and preparedness.

It has been almost two years since we started the experiment with the WIN Guard innovation mechanism. MSB has decided to extend the agreement for three years while making certain additions to the agreement we have with WIN Guard. The change in the agreement is linked to the more complex challenges that arise as a result of the development needs that have emerged at different meetings.

In the development groups / consortia created around these challenges, we have identified a need to more clearly coordinate and drive on these initiatives. The same applies to other jobs where innovations are needed, such as how we succeed in the field of fewer dead and severely injured by fires. We have noticed that the more extensive challenges require more of a coordinating force. Therefore, MSB has added WIN Guard extra resources to better manage these challenges.

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