Future by Lund

Future by Lund is an innovation platform for development of sustainable and attractive cities. This is a meeting place for new and established participants side by side. Within our areas of focus we create different test environments. Our focus is towards ‚ÄúSmart Cities & Smart Citizens”.

Our focus is on six challenges that will shape sustainable cities: Energy, Moving Things and People, Makers & Sharing, The Human Digital, Future Living & Spaces, and Human Centric Light.

In our platform, innovative thinking is crossed with experience and knowledge from the various focus areas, providing a stable foundation for the smart innovations of the future. By participating in development projects, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your solutions and test them against the market. Future by Lund is a creative field for a better future, in constant motion and always looking for new solutions that make the world a bit better.

Future by Lund operates in Lund with its office at Ideon Science Park, a creative and fun environment for testing and evaluating smart sustainable innovations.