Sustainable Innovation was a big deal at the 2022 edition of Swedish water fair VA-mässan

Apr 8, 2022

 | WIN Water
Pär Dalhielm, Kenneth M Persson, VA-mässan 2022 WIN Water Innovation Stage
Innovation was the main attraction at VA-mässan – the biggest exhibition for water technology in Sweden, March 29-31 2022. WIN Water collaborated closely with Elmia venues in the making of an Innovation Square, including an Innovation Stage – all to provide the best settings for innovations within the water sector. 
The exhibiting companies represented a range of new solutions in areas such as water purification, water saving toilet flushing, data analytics and much more, making the WIN Innovation Square an exciting feature at the trade show. The Innovation Square was well visited and generated new contacts, business leads and industry insights for the exhibitors.

This is our first year at VA-mässan and my impression is very positive.” Says Elin Lavonen, Water specialist at BioCell Analytica. “WIN Water’s Innovation Square feels like the place to be, and it is rewarding to be part of a setup with a clear innovational aim. Exhibiting as a part of the Innovation Square is just right for start-ups or smaller businesses and all exhibiting companies help each other out. The support from WIN has been very good and the proximity to the Innovation Scene has been a great bonus, as we have been able to listen in without having to leave the stand.

Four areas were highlighted at the Innovation Stage; Water and Safety, Digital Water, Circular Water Treatment and Water Management. The program included speakers from both large corporations and start-ups, aiming to bring the importance of innovation forward. The program also included an interesting discussion between Pär Dalhielm, CEO of Swedish Water, and Kenneth M Persson, professor in water technology at LTH.

New challenges are rising in today’s society, and we need new, sustainable innovation to manage the challenges ahead.” Says Ola Hansson, manager of WIN Water

Exhibiting at the WIN Water Innovation Square 2022: 

– Innovates, develops, manufactures and sells products for water purification
– Air treatment company that offers energy-efficient dehumidification and air treatment in all climates
– Water saving toilet flush technology
ClearWell Dynamics
– Container based water purification systems
– Disinfection technology with Anolyte pH (hypochlorous acid)
Swedish Hydro Solutions 
– Knowledge, products and equipment for effective and environmentally sustainable treatment of large volumes of water
BioCell Analytica
– Innovative effect-based methods to detect toxic chemicals in the environment
Gemit Solutions 
– Develops and delivers IT solutions and related services to customers in the water and wastewater industry
– Industrial liquid filtration


WIN Water Innovation Stage, VA-mässan 2022

WIN Water Innovation Stage, VA-mässan 2022

WIN Water Innovation Square, VA-mässan 2022

WIN Water Innovation Square, VA-mässan 2022

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