Water Challange

Dec 4, 2020

 | WIN Water

Join our water challenge and contribute to a sustainable food system!
This competition aims to find ideas and disruptive innovations to reduce fresh water consumption in food production. Organizers are Venture Cup together with Innovation Skåne and WIN Water. The competition is supported by Microsoft’s Community Environmental Sustainability initiative, part of Microsoft’s Datacenter Community Development program.

Did you know?
Fresh water is essential for life – but it is also a scarcity. Globally, food production accounts for the use of about 70% of all fresh water.

Start nov 2, 2020
End march 1, 2021

🏆300 000 SEK
Three winners will receive 100 000 SEK each!
The winners will be announced at WIN Water Event May 6th.

Sounds like an opportunity?
Don’t hesitate to submit your idea today! The competition runs until March 1, 2021. Remember you can change the information in your contribution all the way up to the deadline!


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