Co-Creation Tools

Our toolbox for facilitating co-creating for solutions, partnership and business oppertunities.


Co-Creation Tools

  • WIN Meetings
  • The WIN Mingle Map™
  • WIN Financing Activities
  • WIN Ventures Club™
  • Innovative co-creation
    – WIN Innovation Studio™
    – WIN Innovation Lab™
    – WIN Innovation Consortia™

WIN Mingle map™

The WIN Mingle Map™ is our unique tool for active matchmaking at WIN meetings.

We create a unique Mingle Map for each meeting based on our knowledge of each participant and their requirements/wishes. Nodes on the map represent companies and organizations at a meeting. Each line is a potential business opportunity identified by the WIN team. We encourage everyone involved to explore all business opportunities – both spontaneous and mapped.

Matchmaking is a common thread throughout our work. Connecting the right actors with each other is the prerequisite for success and the basis for companies and innovators to participate. It can be about two start-ups having solutions that complement each other and are suitable to offer as a package, or about a company with a specific need that an innovator can probably meet.

WIN Meetings

The core of WIN is to create meetings between large companies with challenges and innovators where the the companies present their challenges and innovators present their solutions and get feedback from each other. These meetings provide inspiration and knowledge about what is and will be possible in a particular area in the future. Often, the companies and innovators start collaborating to apply or further develop a solution. On average, each participant follows up on more than four contacts from a WIN meeting. Prior to each meeting, WIN identifies possible common areas of interest between the participants and tailors a special mingle map to get the right people to talk to each other.

WIN Ventures Club™

WIN Ventures Club™ connects investors with the most interesting innovative companies and start-ups. The technologies and companies that will spur new cycles of economic growth already exist. WIN Ventures Club™ is where you find new, unique business opportunities. It´s by invitation only and has a successful track record. Contact Olof Blomqvist to find out more.

WIN Innovation Studios™

WIN Innovation Studio™ is a co-creation tool that lets you test an idea or find a new way to tackle your challenge. At WIN Innovation Studio™ we invite experts from different companies to give you new perspectives and insights during a workshop.
WIN Innovation Studio™ is a co-creative idea catalyst where we…

  • Challenge problems and requirements
  • Define requirement owners and potential partners
  • Discuss market potential
  • Determine next step

After you have used WIN Innovation Studio™ you can work with your challenge in a WIN Innovation Lab™ or WIN Innovation consortia™. WIN Innovation Studio™ can be organized as a digital workshop.

WIN Innovation Labs™

Use WIN Innovation Lab™ when you need to elaborate on your idea together with different stakeholders. At WIN Innovation Lab™ you work for one day with experts from different organizations to get deeper perceptions and find potential partners to help you continue developing the idea.

WIN Innovation Labs™ can be organized as a digital event.

WIN Innovation Consortia™

WIN Innovation Consortia™ provides a productive and collaborative process for bringing your innovative idea to life. It is divided into three steps, Insight, Explore and Apply where we work on constantly developing a product, service or concept. Each step ends with an evaluation and you decide if you want to continue to next step or stop the process.

WIN Finansing activities

Startups need the right type of money at the right time. We advise you on financing options, whether you need money for verification, patenting, development, pilot customers, production, marketing, entering new markets or global expansion. Tap into our contacts with public national funding agencies, Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding and EU projects. We have a broad network of business angels, venture investors, corporate venture investors and experts in listings on stock exchanges. The WIN team includes experienced active investors. Join meetings with private investors at the Ventures Club. We also work with the Swedish Energy Agency to help startups access their funding programs (Energiboost Syd).