Aug 25, 2021

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Did you know that more than 90% of attendees at our matchmaking sessions follow up on new contacts after a WIN Meeting?
This is fantastic results! We are very proud of having such dedicated members, making the WIN network a powerful tool in sustainable innovation.



As a marketplace for innovation matchmaking, we strive to pave the way for new ideas, solutions, and technologies – giving sustainable innovation the best business opportunities for them and our planet.

WIN is the innovation platform for doers. As of today, we have three networks. We call them Water, Energy and Guard. Each network offers a platform, expertise, tools, and connections to enable new innovations to fast-track into commercial business for a sustainable future. We specialize our work to reach further and connect more deeply with the different actors in each sector.

Our WIN Meetings provide inspiration and knowledge about what is and will be possible in a particular area in the future. The meetings focus on sharing the latest trends in areas important to professionals and visionaries in the different fields we operate in.

Innovation is about understanding the needs of tomorrow and it is therefore important to stay updated. WIN Meetings are an easy and effective way for you to do just that.

We especially prioritize matchmaking when planning our events and since we went digital, the opportunity for our members to widen their network is now easier than ever. Every WIN Meeting includes one or two episodes of WIN Innovation Matchmaking where the participants are divided into smaller groups, specifically customized after their requirements.


To know how we are doing and if we are meeting the expectations of our members and meeting attendees, we have collected surveys on our WIN Meetings for the last 1.5 year. The results of the survey regarding WIN Innovation Matchmaking, covering 10 different WIN Meetings, made us very happy! This is what we found:

·       WIN Meetings lead to followed up contacts for more than 90% of the attendees.

·       25% of WIN Meeting attendees gain 4 or more new followed up contacts.

WIN Innovation Matchmaking is the starting point of many productive collaborations in sustainability. These results show that the WIN Meetings are of great significance to our participants regarding getting the right contacts.


WIN Meetings can always be attended digitally and are free for our members and partners. Membership is free for innovation companies. Partnership comes with a yearly fee and will give you access to not only WIN Meetings and WIN innovation Matchmaking, but the entire WIN toolbox. Read more about membership here.

We host and send our digital WIN Meetings from our own, well equipped yet easy to use, studio at Ideon in Lund, Sweden. If you or your company is located relatively nearby, you have the possibility to rent our studio or hire the WIN Event team to help you host your own meetings and/or events. Read more here!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with enquiries or questions of any kind at

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