WIN Guard in project for early detection of fire hazards in biomass

Dec 9, 2021


WIN Guard, together with Linköpings Universitet and RISE, is working together in a project sponsored by Brandforsk, EON and Kraftringen, to research if AI and new technologies are the answer to early detection and maybe also prediction of fires in biomass. 

Many fires occur in biomass all over the world and apart from financial loss and air pollutions, huge resources are drained from the fire brigades. Biomass (wood chip, wood pellet, tree bark and rests recycling – often used for energy production in non-fossil power plants), is prone to self-ignition due to both microbiological and chemical processes accelerated by humidity and oxygen.

WIN Guard applied to Brandforsk for research funding within the topic “Fire safety in the sustainable society” and was awarded the funding in October 2021. The project shall be ended in March of 2022.

Are you an innovator in this field? Do you have ideas, possible solutions or are you interested in the project for other reasons? Contact project manager Magnus Ingelsten at

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