WIN Guard in prolonged collaboration with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

Sep 15, 2021

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WIN Guard was launched in 2016 and has since functioned as an innovation mechanism for MSB with the goal of increasing the pace of innovation in public safety as well as making use of research that takes place in the area.

MSB has decided to continue the collaboration with the innovation mechanism WIN Guard with hopes to attract more active members from the Swedish Fire and Safety Departments. Starting in 2021, membership in WIN Guard is free of charge for Rescue Services. The membership allows them to take part in the existing network and in the collected knowledge brought forward so far. The Rescue Services in their turn, contribute with time, experience, and commitment.

The innovation mechanism, i.e., WIN Guard, is constantly looking for new innovations and technologies that may be of interest. The result of this is an extensive network in social security. With WIN Guard, there is now a distinct place to turn to, in matters of innovation and its challenges.


WIN Guard, in its role as innovation mechanism for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency supports the Swedish Rescue Service through:

·       Innovation consortia with the aim of solving chosen challenges. For example, emission free fire trucks, purification of PFAS and the use of volunteers in the Rescue Service

·       Identification of new challenges

·       Scouting for new solutions

·       Bringing together all parties in the industry, such as Emergency Services, researchers, and innovators

·       Getting new innovations to reach the market faster

·       Broadening their members network and connecting the right individuals with each other


WIN inspire, push, and always strive to solve challenges where they are. Innovators receive support from WIN through coaching and help with contacts within the industry.


WIN Guard today:

·       48 approved innovation companies

·       Over 100 evaluated innovations

·       20 events carried through


About WIN:

WIN Guard is part of WIN Innovation Platform; a member-based marketplace, working to speed up the process of getting innovations to the market. WIN brings together innovators and established companies in the areas of water, energy and social security, letting collaboration between the networks plays an important role on the road to success.


Kontaktperson WIN Guard:
Johan Persson
(+46) 73 216 0773

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