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The vital signs are the basis when assessing health, determining the level of medical urgency, and in many diagnostic algorithms. Current methods for measuring vital signs are time-consuming, cumbersome, and unpleasant. Requiring physical contact with patients, they inherently incorporate the risk of transferring infections between patients and medical professionals.

Detectivio has developed technology for contact-free detection and quantification of the vital signs.
It is a camera-based system that scans the face from a distance of 1 m (4 ft) in less than one minute.
The vital signs include heart rate (pulse), respiratory rate, body temperature, blood oxygen level (SpO2%) and blood
Technology capable of measuring the vital signs is relevant in all fields of medicine and a multitude of other
application areas such as home care, personal health, pandemic control, travel, and work-place-health.

Detectivio AB

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