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WIN Guard assists public safety-related innovations by providing a market arena, coaching, assistance with financing and more. Companies can realize their growth potential through WIN.


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About the categories

The innovation companies receive support and assistance from WIN to develop their new products and services as well as their business.

Our innovation companies

The partners are represented by the private sector with companies and large corporations, the public sector with municipalities and public utilities and the academy with universities and research institutes. They all represent the market need for new solutions and innovations.

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Criteras for qualification

1. Innovation height

Your business idea should be unique. It should have innovative or business height. It can be a challenge to existing market structures, an innovative niche player, standing out or be trendsetting. The definition of innovative is broadest possible (innovative process, product, service, commercial strategy etc.)

2. Confidence in individuals

You should have a strong driving force, a willingness to be coached and be clear entrepreneurs who can run the company. You are willing and capable to embrace and participate in WIN activities. You are willing to contribute to other WIN members with your background, competence and network.

3. Market potential

Your idea should have business potential with prerequisites to create a growth company.

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