PREVIOUS EVENT: The WIN-WIN Meeting — Game-changing innovations for a sustainable society – September 13 2018

Sep 13, 2018

 | WIN Guard

This is the start of something new! Join us for the first combined partner meeting where WIN Water and WIN Guard come together to create new opportunities and along with it the launch of our newest network: WIN Energy. For even more WIN-WIN possibilities, do not miss the chance to sign up for our Magical Mingle afterwards

Water, public safety and energy are all essential for a well-functioning, resilient and sustainable society. Innovative sparks will fly on the 13th of September 2018 in Malmö, when we gather national and international actors from start-ups, large corporations, public organizations and academia to discuss common challenges and opportunities. Which initiatives, game-changing approaches and innovations will lead the way?

It’s time to push the frontiers and discover new business potential in the borderland between different sectors and industries! The future is bright: there is a multitude of innovative solutions out there. Let’s work together to get these solutions to the market and update outdated methods and technologies.

“Game-changing innovations for a sustainable society” is the theme of the day — join us for new perspectives, future spotting, inspiring talks and parallel sessions on how we can create a brighter future with regards to infrastructure, resilience and security, as well as tangible opportunities for new businesses. Here is a sneak peek of the day’s topics:

  • Short pitches: game-changing innovations
  • Disruptive businesses: the future of fire and rescue services, water and energy
  • Water and Public Safety: common challenges and collaboration opportunities
  • Contamination and environmental value: what is the market value of preventing contamination or environmental harm
  • Digitalization and tech: creating a more sustainable society
  • Scouting for the future: international trendspotting and business intelligence
  • Cooperation: the key to the future

After a high-energy day of inspiring talks and creative sessions we would also like to invite you to our Magical Mingle where we take networking to the next level. Connect with innovators, movers, shakers, potential partners and customers in new ways!

We believe in creating opportunities for new collaboration and business. With our meetings we encourage our members to learn from each other, to share knowledge and experiences across different sectors and industries, private and public organizations, SMEs and larger enterprises as well as between individuals. Therefore, we are focusing on open innovation and active matchmaking to create hands-on business that will accelerate the positive spiral of development and disruptive innovations. Our aim is to speed up the progress and make a difference.

Place: Studio, Malmö, Sweden
Date: September 13 2018
Time: 9.00 – 16.00
Magical Mingle: 16.00 – 18.00

Please note that the number of participants is limited, so do not forget to register to secure your place. If you are a member you will have received an invitation by email. In case you did not receive an email contact WIN Meetings are for WIN members but guests are more than welcome. If you are interested in this event and you’re not a WIN-member yet, feel free to contact to attend as a guest.

Any questions or thoughts?

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WIN Guard Meeting jan 14

14 January, 2021 @ 00:00
Ideon Agora

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28 minutes ago

WIN Guard

Välkommen till WIN Guard mötet!
Ny teknik och snabbare samhällsutveckling skapar risker och ger nya möjligheter för räddningstjänsten
Januari 14, 2021
via Zoom

Utvecklingen inom områden som digitalisering, energilagring, mobilitet, infrastruktur och urbanisering skapar ett utvecklingstryck på räddningstjänsten, samtidigt som krav inom miljö-och klimatområdet ökar.
Vilka lösningar behöver räddningstjänsten för att kunna arbeta hållbart, mer värdeskapande och säkrare?
Vilka konsekvenser får det för sektorns utveckling och innovation?
På WIN Guard-mötet presenteras nya lösningar, innovativa arbetssätt och skapar samverkansmöjligheter!

Plats: Digitalt deltagande (Länk till mötet skickas ut dagen före eventet)
Datum: 14 Januari, 2021
Tid: 9 - 14
Värd: MSB

Vi presenterar pågående projekt och innovationskonsortier:

Livhjälparen -Samhällets samlade förmåga till respons
Hållbar insats -Den fossilfria brandbilen
Digitaliserade beslutsstöd – AI och IoT för erfarenhetsåterföring
Släckvattenrening -Testbädd PFAS Karholmen

Om du har några frågor eller vet om innovationer inom området vänligen kontakta

Välkommen - 14 Januari!

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