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We collaborate with actors in the public safety area in different projects. Would you like to engage in a project with us on a regional, national or international level? Contact us! 


Current projects

Quality assurance of competencies and practices

2019 – current

A solution most likely implemented as an IT application to automatically monitor and manage individual personnel competencies and gaps by collecting data from digital education, training modules and programs and make the competence level and gaps visible to the employee as well as to the manager.

Partners: MSB, Räddningstjänsten Väst, Räddningstjänsten Östra Götaland, Räddningstjänsten Skåne Nordväst, Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg, Södertörns räddningstjänst and Storstockholms brandförsvar.


For more information, contact Magnus Ingelsten: magnus.ingelsten@winway.se

Next generation rescue mission

A project that brings together stakeholders for a more sustainable heavy rescue vehicle in the future.

2017 – current
Partners: Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg, Brandkåren Attunda, London Fire Brigade, Räddningstjänsten Syd and MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency).

WIN Guard gathered a number of rescue services, manufacturers and researchers in the autumn of 2017 to discuss options for environmentally friendly rescue vehicles. In this context, sustainable effort, with the heavy vehicle in focus, is an important symbol for a new kind of rescue service and social hero.

The goal is to define a common description of a heavy vehicle without getting caught up in technical specifications. At the same time, the group’s ambition is that the description should include more rescue services than those participating in the project group. The focus should be on sustainability issues: environmentally, economically and ergonomically sustainable, of which the third least decisive.

For more information, contact Johan Persson: johan.persson@winway.se



2019 – current

How challenges like capability gaps can be solved and how can we become more efficient among the Fire and Rescue departments by adding digital solutions, IoT or AI.


For more information, contact Magnus Ingelsten: magnus.ingelsten@winway.se






A digital 112 - Life saver

This project is in an early phase, more information to come.

2018 – ended
Partners: Missing People, Räddningtjänst Syd and more members of WIN Guard.

For more information, contact Johan Persson: johan.persson@winway.se

Early detection of fire hazards in biomass

2021 – current

WIN Guard, together with Linköpings Universitet and RISE, is working together in a project sponsored by Brandforsk, EON and Kraftringen, to research if AI and new technologies are the answer to early detection and maybe also prediction of fires in biomass. 

Many fires occur in biomass all over the world and apart from financial loss and air pollutions, huge resources are drained from the fire brigades. Biomass (wood chip, wood pellet, tree bark and rests recycling – often used for energy production in non-fossil power plants), is prone to self-ignition due to both microbiological and chemical processes accelerated by humidity and oxygen.

WIN Guard applied to Brandforsk for research funding within the topic “Fire safety in the sustainable society” and was awarded the funding in October 2021. The project shall be ended in March of 2022.

Are you an innovator in this field? Do you have ideas, possible solutions or are you interested in the project for other reasons? Contact project manager Magnus Ingelsten at: magnus.ingelsten@winway.se

Management and purification of contaminated extinguishing water


2022 – current

“Management and purification of contaminated extinguishing water” is a project managed by WIN Guard on behalf of MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), in cooperation with NUC (National Development Center) and Verklighetslabbet (MSB). WIN Guard manages the scouting of suitable innovations in this project.

Emissions from extinguishing water into nature or drains can lead to failure of important biological purification in treatment plants. Fresh water wells etc. can be put out of use for a long time if they are contaminated with toxins from extinguishing water.

The project mission is to investigate possible ways to separate, collect, test and purify extinguishing water in a time effective manner where every drop matters. Environmental impact and risk assessment for firefighters are other reasons why this is an important project.

The project goal is to identify best practices in the handling of extinguishing water at the scene of accident. This is done by testing and proposing solutions that idealy can be brought on fire trucks and implement them in the routine work of the fire and rescue services. The requirements of new solutions include easy usage, durability and economically favorable. Solutions involving purification on site is valuable due to the costs of collection, transport and destruction otherwise involved. Since water is used in large quantities during extinguishing operations, re-circulation with filtration or purification must also be considered due to the limited supply of water that fire hydrants.

We invite both rescue services and innovation companies to present us with suggestions and input. We continuously test solutions at local rescue services and will be presenting at the Uppsala conference “Skadeplats 2022”. We are also inviting companies for testing and evaluation at the MSB testing grounds at Revinge, Skåne in October 2022. The project runs from August 2022 and November 2022.

In addition, we welcome ideas regarding usage of already existing equipment as well as knowledge of products in need of supplementing.


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