Extended collaboration between WIN Water and BlueTech Research enables water innovations to reach the international market

Sep 22, 2022

 | WIN Water
collaboration agreement signed by WIN Water and BlueTech Research

The extended partnership between BlueTech Research and WIN Water is mutually beneficial to reach out to more innovation companies in the water space. Co-creating in innovation for a sustainable future is a mutual goal, as well as increasing the speed of change in the water sector. The relationship and joint network between the entities appears to be mutually beneficial and non- competitive.

BlueTech Research, founded in 2011, is the premier source of actionable water market intelligence for strategic business decisions on innovative technologies, companies, and opportunities. BlueTech has offices in Ireland and Canada.

BlueTech Research tracks water technologies and has a team of experienced analysts and experts with extensive experience in the water industry, who conduct research and/or author market research reports related to smart water innovations.

“The team at BlueTech Research are incredibly excited about this collaboration with WIN Water,” said Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive of BlueTech Research. “It means the scope of analysis for innovative technologies can expand beyond what is currently possible.  
“The goal is for BlueTech to help even more businesses achieve their potential by developing robust market strategies and supporting acquisitions and the uptake of innovative technologies in utilities and municipalities and throughout the industry”  
“There has never been a more important time to connect new technologies with water utilities around the world and the IWA World Water Congress has provided the perfect backdrop to start this promising collaboration.” He added.

WIN Water is a business network that facilitates faster market access to innovative water-related products and services. Founded in January 2012, the WIN network consists of small innovative companies as well as large corporations and other organizations such as universities and municipalities. WIN Water is based in Sweden.

WIN Water offers an open innovation marketplace and business network within the water sector.

“WIN Water and BlueTech Research is a natural collaboration. Both companies are driven by a passion to accelerate progress and ingenuity in the water innovation and enable a marketplace to create ‘water winners’.  
WIN Water are very excited to attend BlueTech Research’s renowned innovation events as part of our MOU and create mutual benefits not only for the two companies but for our respective members and partner organisations.” Says Ola Hansson, Manager WIN Water

The two parties have also collaborated in the European H2020 REWAISE (Resilient Water Innovation for Smart Economy) project since 2020.

For more information: Ola Hansson, Manager WIN Water, +46(0)734-12 81 88, ola.hansson@winway.se 
(In the picture: Ola Hansson, Manager WIN Water with Maria Sätherström Lantz, CEO WIN Innovation Platform and Paul O ‘Callaghan, CEO BlueTech Research)

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