Innovative water management in the growing economy nov 18, 2020

Dec 10, 2020

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The objectives for the meeting are to bring together innovative companies (start-ups) with partners – large corporations, institutes, universities, water utilitiesand more. Partners offer market access and providing test beds, in addition topersonal and financial contributions as members, while innovation companies getearly feedback, test results and speed up adjustment to market needs. We firmlybelieve that there is a need for bringing the different stakeholders together and letthem meet and discuss how innovative solutions can be brought to the marketfaster and more comprehensive.

Relations with drinking water and sanitation are numerous. One is the aim toimprove operation and maintenance of the water networks with the help of smartsensors for operation control and surveillance of the networks. Another is theambition to combine GIS-based asset management systems and data mining todevelop algorithms for smart data management and data evaluation systems withmachine learning. A third area is strategic and long-term planning tools to improveasset management structures in the water sector.

Porto Alegre was selected as venue since UFRGS-IPH is a hub in Brazilfor advanced water research and management knowledge. During the timeProf. Kenneth M Persson was guest professor at IPH, he also had opportunity tolearn to know important research taking place in RS and central actors inthe water field in RS.

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The Sweden- Brazil innovation week and beyond: Swedish ambassador Johanna Brismar Skoog
Brazilian needs in the water sector: Superint. de Planejamento de Recursos  Hídricos ANA Sérgio Ayrimoraes
WIN Water, a network for open innovation in the water sector:  MD WIN Maria Sätherström Lantz


Future water treatment in the public sector:  Prof UFRGS Antônio Benetti
Advanced modelling and maintenance of drinking water distribution networks: Dr DMAE Rafael Newton Zanetti
Coordinating the industry in a sustainable use of water: Prof LU Kenneth M Persson


From wastewater to resource water – closing the loops: Ass Prof LU Michael Cimtritz
Irrigation and groundwater recharge –active water management in the river basin: Dr. LU Jing Li

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WIN Water meeting february 11

February 11
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WIN Water

WIN Water Meeting February 11

What are the challenges and opportunities for business in regions in need of clean water and sanitation? How can we do good business and aid people in need at the same time? Is the business situation the same in developing countries and disaster areas?

What solutions are available, and what is needed? Sensors and remote water management. Robust off-grid disinfection. Toilets that are clean, safe and easy to both use and maintain. Decentralized treatment of water and sewage.

At this WIN Water meeting we will explore decentralized systems and business models, and how they can be applied where they are needed. Join us and hear from experts with field experience, learn about exciting new solutions and meet potential business partners!

Sneak Peek of the Agenda


- Esther Shaylor, UNICEF Supply Division
- Peter Scheer, Semilla Sanitation
- Niklas Schmidt, RISE
- Karina Barquet, SEI (Stockholm environment institute)

Presentation of Innovation Companies:

- John Nyberg, Pure Bio Synergy
- Imad Agi, Ecoloo
- Rolf-Johan Ingeson, Ingeson Water

More to come...


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WIN Water

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season! ...

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