WIN Water hosting water innovation event for FIRS

Apr 20, 2021

 | WIN Water
Digital event in WIN studio

Last Thursday, WIN Water hosted a water innovation event for FIRS – science and innovation council Region Skåne.

The day was filled with workshops and interesting speeches from Sweco, Lunds universitet, H22, NSVA and Sweden Water Research / VA SYD on the project REWEISE. The aim was to spotlight and identify efforts to be made in the area of water innovation as an important focus area in the region.

The event was digital of course and we are happy to now have our big studio up and running. It is perfect for events like this!

If you are interested in renting a studio or if you need help to facilitate an event or meeting of any kind, please contact our event manager Emmelie at

In the picture, you see Ola Hansson, manager of WIN Water and Maria Sätherström Lantz, CEO of WIN – Winning Innovation as they are hosting the event in our new big studio “Stage”.

More information about Stage will be presented shortly.

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