WIN Water in joint meeting with EU Project REWAISE to enable new technologies faster access to the water market

Nov 2, 2022

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Ola Hansson, Manager WIN Water

Ola Hansson, Manager WIN Water, facilitated the meeting at MEC, Malmö


Last weeks WIN Water meeting left us very grateful for our water network. Together with the REWAISE EU Project we inaugurated the WINcubator to enable new technologies faster access to the water market. The valuable conversations and contributions from our partners and innovation companies are always inspiring to take part of. Participants from the the US, Norway, UK, Poland, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, and France for the meeting, which was held at MEC in Malmö, Sweden.

We learned new ways to assert the value in water, from water and through water at this hybrid meeting.


At the meeting:

As well as a robot for pipe status detection and computerized network analyses, innovative solutions for nutrient recycling, brine mining, and decentralized water reuse systems were also demonstrated.

Together, the WIN Water network claims the wastewater to be renamed to resource water.

As usual, business matchmaking sessions (facilitated by WIN Mingle Map) were prepared to provide our attendees with the best opportunities for business connections. According to our data, most participants will follow upp with 3-6 contacts after a WIN encounter.

This meeting would not have been possible without you, our partners, and the REWAISE project. A big thank you to everyone who attended and joined us in Malmö and through Zoom for this meeting!

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Pictures from the day:


Equanostics, WIN Water

Andreas, Equanostics 

Jenna, Sanitation 360

Jenna, Sanitation 360 

Gunnar, Ekobalans

Gunnar, Ekobalans 

Audience, WIN Water Meeting

Audience, WIN Water Meeting 

WIN Mingle Map

WIN Mingle Map


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