Our projects

WIN Water has participated in a number of projects with funding from, among others, the EU and Tillväxtverket.



National and international cooperation and previous projects

WIN Water has participated in a number of projects with funding from, among others, the EU and Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Growth). This has led to established cooperation with international organizations such as Danish Technological Institute, Catalan Water Partnership (Spain) and French Aerospace Valley. The later and WIN are partners in the H2020 project Neptune Blue Growth, which aims to exploit synergies between innovations for water, aviation, agriculture and water transport, as well as providing financial support for cooperation projects in these areas. WIN has run three projects within the BSR Innovation Express (Tillväxtverket / HaV) with the aim of facilitating Swedish innovations to reach and survive in the Baltic Sea market.
Among partners are also Water in Towns (DK), Waterklyngen (NO), WSSTP – the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (EU), the Finnish Water Forum (FI) and Technology Approval Group, TAG (UK). In addition, WIN has contacts with innovation hubs like TiBingo (China), Imagine H2O (USA) and Ino3W (Israel). The purpose of these is to have a close available international network where we can find both the best new solutions for our need owners / partners, as well as finding more need owners / customers for the new solutions our innovation companies are under way.
Swedish partners include SISP (Swedish Incubators and Science Parks), Incubator Think in Stockholm and their initiative Ignite as well as Development Center for Water in Norrtälje. The latter work especially to raise innovations in individual sewers to private individuals, as the municipality has the largest number of individual sewers in Sweden. SWR and WIN see great opportunities to develop this cooperation, not least for the benefit of HaV’s needs.
WIN was recently commissioned by the national VA fair (VA-mässan) to host an innovation square and showcase Swedish water innovation in September 2018. WIN has also received a similar request from Aquatech Amsterdam for 2019. Furthermore, Svenskt Vatten has asked WIN to participate in the Swedish Planning Committee to arrange the Swedish participation in the IWA World Congress, which takes place in Copenhagen in 2020. The assignment involves raising Swedish innovations and demonstrating the needs of Swedish public and private actors at this giant congress organized for the water industry every other year. WIN therefore contributes to this year’s edition in Tokyo. SWR and WIN would like to see international events and fairs scanned for innovations in HaV’s areas.

Current projects



Projektet är ett samarbete mellan ett stort antal aktörer och stora vattenföretag från Spanien, Storbritannien och Sverige. WIN leder ett arbetspaket där innovativa lösningar skall scoutas fram och ge möjlighet till kommersiella etableringar inom nya affärsområden för vattensektorn.  

Samarbetet består av 24 partners i 11 länder som är uppdelade tre geografiskt olika områden, så kallar hubbar. Partnerskapet inkluderar, förutom 5 VA-företag, också 9 universitet- och forskningsinstitut och 8 små- och medelstora företag. Målet är att minska användningen av dricksvatten och använda vatten på ett smartare och effektivare sätt. VA SYD leder den svenska delen av projektet.

Syftet med den svenska delen av projektet är att undersöka hur vattenanvändningen kan förbättras med exempel från stadsutvecklingsprocessen i Sege Park i Malmö, och Brunnshög i Lund. Det ska vi göra genom nya innovativa lösningar som fokuserar på att skörda och återanvända dagvatten, lokala kretslopp med näring från urinsorterande toaletter samt digitala metoder.


Future City Flow (SWR)

2015-2016, 2017-2019
Partners: SWR (Sweden Water Research), Vinnova.
INFORMATION AND DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM – So the sustainable city can control its water flows without floods and untreated wastewater.

The Neptune project

NEPTUNE is a European Union funded innovation action which brings together the expertise of 12 partners from 7 European countries. The project offer entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Blue Growth sector opportunities to fund their projects, get business development support and support the creation of new cross-sectoral value chains by creating new networks and contacts.
Partners: EU, Aerospace Valley, WIN, the NEPTUNE Blue Growth Accelerator.

Reco Lab (Recovery Lab, Sweden)

2016-2019, Vinnova testbed
Partners: SWR, NSVA, Helsingborg, WIN, Ekobalans, LU, SLU, Thyréns, WSP, SHUB
Reco lab will help develop the world-wide system for collecting and handling food and toilet waste in the properties of Oceanpiren in the Ocean Harbor district of central Helsingborg. Reco lab will be ready and operational in the fall of 2020.


2016-2019, Acqueau
Floodview will create a web-based decision support system for flood prediction and handling.
Partners: LU, WIN, SMHI, 4IT, Greenland (Canada), Aegir (France), AEMET (Spain)

Past projects

ECAN – European Climate Adaptation Network

2017, Tillväxtverket, BSR Stars, Innovation Express
Partners: Vinnova, HaV, Tillväxtverket.
BSR Stars S3 is an international project that seeks to enhance sustainable growth opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region, focusing on the fields of bio-, circular and digital economy. 
Innovation Express represents a common approach for supporting the internationalisation of SMEs through cluster initiatives. Innovation Express is a joint call for proposals implemented within the framework of the BSR Stars programme – a flagship of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

WIN Nordic

Partners: WIN – Water Innovation Accelerator (Sweden), Clean Water Norway and Novago Business Development Ltd (Finland).
The aim of WIN Nordic is to expand the platform WIN – Water Innovation Accelerator – into a Nordic platform for new solutions in water management. The idea is to facilitate for startup companies to enter an international market by giving the opportunity to start on a stable Nordic home market.