About Win Energy

WIN Energy is a marketplace and business network within the energy sector. Our aim is to enhance the speed of change in the energy area and we strive to bring commercially viable and sustainable innovations to the market quicker.



We passionately believe in co-creating innovations for a sustainable future


Actively connecting challenges, people, and the next technologies


Enabling game changing (disruptive) solutions to faster reach the global market



An innovation marketplace, using the WIN model for open innovation, within the energy sector

The WIN project partners are actors in the energy sector with converging interest and needs for new energy-related solutions.

What is WIN Energy?

Business and match making network for open innovation within the energy sector. What WIN Energy does:

  • Increase the speed of change in the energy area
  • Coaching new energy innovations into the market
  • Enterprising market place for energy innovations

Who are the partners?

The partners represent the market’s need for new solutions and innovations. Our partners have a good insight of trends and business intelligence; but WIN can be an eye opener for new and unexpected innovations which sometimes has the potential to replace outdated technologies. The partners get additional business intelligence and scouting through WINs extended networks.

As a partner you get access to the marketplace and business network in the field of energy. We have four yearly partner meetings were you will have the possibility to interact and mingle with innovation companies and other partners. The WIN Mingle MapTM is an active matchmaking tool used during the meetings. Each line represents a business opportunity, a possible collaboration or a potential development project. Both at, and in between, the meetings you will get feedback on your energy-related challenges

Partners contribute to WIN by providing support to innovation companies, facilitating market access and providing test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members.

What’s in it for the innovation companies?

Participating innovation companies get instant feedback from the market. The feedback is crucial in order for the innovation companies to adjust their focus to the market needs and obtain the full market potential of their innovation.

Innovation companies also receive coaching from WIN to help develop their new products and services as well as their business. With close connections to venture capital, test beds, universities and corporations, WIN can be a helping hand on the way to success.