About Win Water

WIN Water offers a market place for businesses and innovations within the fields of water. Using open innovation, we speed up the process of getting innovations to the market.



We passionately believe in co-creating innovations for a sustainable future


Actively connecting challenges, people, and the next technologies


Enabling game changing (disruptive) solutions to faster reach the global market

We think it is necessary to increase the speed of change within the water area.

Since 2012 WIN Water helps new innovations get faster access to the water market.

It all started 2012 in the Swedish town Lund, with Kenneth M Persson and Patrik Söderlund. In Sweden, the cost for one PhD student is around 350 000 Euro. And a PhD student produces around 5-6 papers, so the cost for one paper is approximately 50 000 Euro. Kenneth realized that those investments often don’t get utilized into something commercial. Kenneth met Patrik and they both saw great business opportunities within water, because water is in a very interesting stage of transformation where huge infrastructure investments need to be made. They realized that something needed to be done to increase the speed of change. They founded WIN Water – an open innovation marketplace and business network within the water sector.

WIN Water has now grown to more than 80 members, including small innovative companies as well as partners – large corporations, universities, water utilities and more – including the whole chain of water-related industry. The partners are represented by the private sector with companies and large corporations, the public sector with municipalities and public utilities and the academy with universities and research institutes. They all represent the market need for new solutions and innovations. Our partners get a good view of trends and business intelligence; WIN can be an eye opener for what is possible and which technologies could replace the outdated ones.

Partners contribute to WIN by providing support to innovation companies, facilitating market access and providing test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members. Participating innovation companies get early feedback directly from the market. They receive coaching from WIN to help develop their new products and services as well as their business. With close connections to venture capital, test beds, universities and corporations, WIN can be a helping hand on the way to success.

With early feedback from partners, innovation companies can adjust their focus to the market needs and realize the full market potential of their innovation. Each year, WIN offers all innovation companies the possibility to participate in a common water fair exhibition. The support, coaching and opportunities WIN offers to the members are adapted to each company’s needs.

Why water innovation?

We believe in increasing the speed of change within the water area. The world is in constant change and we think we always should try to be one step ahead to handle the challenges we face in society, all over the world. 663 million people lack access to drinking water.