About us

Our business is creating winners in water, public safety and energy.

We offer a place, platform, expertise and tools to enable innovators to fast-track their ideas into commercial businesses within our focus areas of water, energy and public safety.

Together with WIN’s experts, mature companies, scientists and authorities, we co-create circular solutions to solve the challenges these areas are facing.



We passionately believe in co-creating innovations for a sustainable future


Actively connecting challenges, people, and the next technologies


Enabling game changing (disruptive) solutions to faster reach the global market



The WIN way

Our way is all about getting ideas to market in the fastest possible time – giving our partners the ideal conditions to exchange ideas and launch innovative, disruptive solutions to our specific areas. Using a variety of tools and processes such as Mingle Map, Innovation Studio, Innovation Hub and Innovation Consortia, we remove barriers and move mountains to make sure the people working with us get the success they deserve.

We create WINners

At WIN, the ethos is about driving meaningful change through new technology and a business-oriented mind set

Our coaching is opportunity driven – about challenging the status quo, proposing other perspectives and opportunities – for us there’s no such thing as impossible. We are curious about and want to drive new ideas, thoughts and bold innovation.

At WIN we build long-term, close relationships with people and the companies they represent, which we see as a foundation for successful co-creation – and quick market entry for products and services.

We focus on what matters to our members. We don’t dare to be unconventional. We are.

We are future driven. Believers in a green, circular world and creators of business opportunities for our members.



WIN core values

WIN’s values are based on how we can create more value for our clients and partners. The core of our business is based on collaboration, quality, and integrity.
Our core values are:

Personal: It’s all about you. Our relationship with you, and how together we can promote your needs and business.
Curious:  Let’s explore every possibility for success – from every angle, with each new technology.
Challenging: Few people get anywhere by following the status quo. Let’s look at things in new ways. Apply lateral thinking together with deep market knowledge and an understanding of new technologies.
Bold:  To dare is to do. Let’s do it together. Now.
Visionary: Let’s look together to see what’s coming soon, and if we can start to implement it today.

The WIN story

Started in 2012, WIN was part of the IDEON Science Park’s innovation program. Since 2019, WIN is driven by its owners to connect companies to innovative new-starters to make things happen in the fastest way. We saw early on that speed is crucial, even when dealing with industries that are conservative and organizational.

Our vision is to enable our partners to co-create innovative, sustainable, circular solutions and promote the fastest possible growth. Isn’t it time for you to WIN?

The WIN People

Our three founders together with the team offer a winning combination of scientific expertise, venture capital know-how and strategic excellence – all with the goal of driving our partners to the best possible outcome.


Maria Sätherström Lantz

Maria is CEO of WIN. Passion and drive are keywords for Maria, whose work with leading innovation work and events is contagious. Creator of the WIN Mingle Map that helps people clearly see a path to market with partners, she builds a WIN-WIN environment. Strategist and mum, when Maria is not enthusing winners, she’s jumping fences on horses, skiing off-piste, or playing with electric vehicles.

Patrik Söderlund

A trained development engineer, Patrik is an idea factory who sees – and delivers – potential solutions to all sorts of situations. A true lateral thinker, his special strengths are company financing and seeing opportunities. When not creating winners he paraglides, tinkers with antique cars, and holidays in Croatia.

Kenneth Persson

Kenneth is a professor who runs several start-ups and offers a gateway to the public sector. He knows everything worth knowing about water, even down to a molecular level, yet has a wide vision of what’s possible. When not working, Kenneth is writing, or spending time in his huge library. A real mover and shaker on the samba dancefloor, Kenneth also knows a thing or two about how to spice up brandy and Swedish Punch.