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Adept Water Technologies strives to use a solid knowledge of electrolysis, water and waterborne pathogens to ensure safe, efficient and green water disinfection.

BacTerminator is a green technology product developed by Adept Water Technologies. The technology disinfects water using inline electrolysis, without the need of adding chemicals. Just by applying current, BacTerminator can convert naturally occurring salt in the water to disinfectants. The BacTerminator product range includes BacTerminator Dental with the patented technology for disinfection of dental unit waterlines, to larger BacTerminator units such as BacTerminator CombiTech, which can be used for disinfection in several applications e.g. process water, cooling towers, health facilities and drinking water.

The BacTerminator is effective against a variety of microorganisms and biofilm due to the primary and secondary disinfection combined in just one unit. The simple plug-and-play installation concept and low maintenance need facilitate water disinfection for the user.

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Michael Wick
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