Anolytech produces Anolyte-pH

Only Anolytech produces Anolyte-pH, a concentrate with a pH-level of 6,5 made from salt, water and electricity. Anolyte-pH contains hypochlorous acid (HClO), which is made when chlorine is dissolved in water. This active agent cannot exist in pure form, only as an aquatic solution.

Hypochlorous acid, produced with Anolytech’s reactor, is extremely effective at killing bacteria, virus, spores and fungi. The hypochlorous acid attacks proteins in the cell membrane of microorganisms, causing them to die.

Environmentally friendly

When the Anolyte-solution is used, 99,5% turn into water, and the remaining 0,5% is biologically degradable. This means that there are no toxic byproducts. Anolyte-pH’s environmentally-friendly components also makes it possible to use Anolyte pH as an effective disinfectant in sensitive areas, such as in food production.

Low continuous dosage is enough

Anolyt pH is incredible effective, and the desired effect is obtained with a low continuous dosage. Our optimized production process maximizes its antibacterial properties. In industrial production, dosage can be customized for the application.

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